Product Care


  • Leather wears and softens with age
  • Our belts are designed to look vintage and aged, they will wear further over time
  • Leather can be prone to fading over time, especially when exposed to direct sunlight
  • Those little flecks, creases and variations you might see on a leather piece are the animal’s natural markings - they are not faults, but features
  • Fringe Leather Studio's Metallic leather will change over time as it is more delicate; a worn and aged look is intended with wear for all Fringe Leather Studio designs & leather types. Loss of lustre and shine will be noticeable and scuffing may occur if the metallic leather item is well used and made to work hard. To help maintain its appearance we advise avoiding wet conditions and contact with abrasive surfaces.

  • Screw-in hardware on leather pieces can loosen with wear – be sure to give yours an occasional tightening

  • the brown leather hippi belts will easily mark and crease, this is part of the leather's finish and will continue to give your belt the desired aged, vintage effect. For deep scratches and marks polish up the belt with a leather conditioner.


    • Wipe away most superficial scratches, scuffs or marks with a clean, damp cloth – a gentle, even wipe over the entire panel before leaving your piece to dry naturally is best
    • keep you belt rolled up and stored away in its Daffi Bag
    • Strong detergents or hard rubbing may remove the paint finish
    • Keep your leather piece, and its hardware, dry at all times
    • Try not to get your leather wet as it may warp and discolour. Let damp or wet leather dry naturally - never dry leather with a direct heat source as this can warp the leather further.
    • Rub a leather conditioner into your belt every few months, focus on edges and worn areas
    • Do not use protectants on metallic leathers as they will damage the foil coating. Should your leather piece get wet, allow it to dry in a normal temperature – do not put it near any heat to accelerate the process. If your leather piece gets dirty, wipe it gently with a slightly damp, soft, colour-free lint cloth. 
    • We recommend Leather Dry Clean Only for Jackets & Vests