Wispi Belt Ties

Thin as a wisp at 8mm wide the Wispi is designed to be your belt jewellery - just like your jewels it is a beautiful accessory that will enhance your style.

Wispi - Leather only

Wispi Charm - Daffi Logo Charm on each end

Wispi Gem - Pear shaped semi-precious gem on one end and a Daffi Logo Charm on the other

Leather available in 4 colours, Tango, Turquoise, Pink Suede, Vintage Red

Semi Precious Gems will take your Wispi Gem to the next level. Pear shaped & Briolette faceted the semi-precious gems are available in onyx, chalcedony, carnelian, laborodite, rainbow moonstone and more.....

Wispi Styles Video Introduction, see next video for tie tutorial



Watch my video on how to tie your Wispi Belt